Alerts and Notifications

Never miss an appointment, event, follow up or notification once you configure TransXpert’s Alerts and Notification module.

Smart and relevant notifications

Eliminate clutter from your digital workplace by receiving notifications only in the appropriate notification panels on your dashboard, as well as your email inbox so they may be saved, categorized, pushed forward or archived.


Choose notifications that matter

Create functional and relevant alerts which are applicable to your organization, business practice and workflow.

Email Integration

Choose events that are reported as messages directly to your inbox. Assign filters that enhance visibility and keep your primary inbox organized.

Stock Expiration

Assign expiration dates when inducting stock into your inventory. Choose when to be notified and the repetition sequence of the alerts.


Stock Depletion

Configure flexible alerts on stocks levels with reminders occurring with respect to business seasons or duration of delivery.

Outstanding Payment (time)

Choose to be notified when the payment against goods or services crosses a chronological threshold.

Outstanding Payment (amount)

Assign notifications for following up on large payments.


Follow up

Configure reminders for getting back to leads, clients or suppliers and performing tasks accordingly.

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– Suze Orman

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