Assets & Inventory Management

Complete asset and inventory management solution with built-in integration to finance, sales and purchase modules.

Simplified article management

Our revolutionary system puts you in charge of your finances by giving you the insight to the absolute current state of accounts, enabling you to make rapid and rational decisions that favor your business.


Multiple source & pricing selection

Our system vigilantly monitors inventory updates and records the purchases with distinct identifiers allowing you to record different prices for the same product when sourced from different vendors. This enables the system to create a fail safe against selling below purchase prices, automatically preventing losses.

Quick, responsive and accurate inventory configuration

The flexible product configuration meets fluid tracking, pricing and dispensing management

Dashboard Profile

Dedicated dashboard for all inventory personnel for Live viewing of the stock statistics as well as a snapshot module for the sales team to guarantee the accuracy when they commit to customers.


Customized Attributes

Increase or reduce the number of fields required to describe a unit in the database.


Configure flexible alerts on stocks levels, expiration and check-outs with additional reminders occurring with respect to business seasons or duration of delivery.


Hardware Integration

Simplified configuration of barcode & RFID scanners at material entry / check-in and dispensing / check-out points.


History and Reports

Strategize inventory policy and routines based on various pre-configured reports or build your own in a matter of minutes.


Digital Approvals & Signatures

Configure movement status approvals and sign them digitally, direct from the desktop or on the go.

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