Become A Partner

SiPSAP Partners
Win-Win Approach

SiPSAP Optimization has a growing list of partners around the world; comprising IT, financial and business consultants.  There is no fee or any other kind of charges to become a SiPSAP Partner, or ever.  Quite the opposite actually; our partners earn from us. SiPSAP uses the most appropriate partner to take appropriate support from, in SiPSAP’s SAP Business One design and implementation services for the clients.  This support from the partner is appropriately compensated by SiPSAP depending on the level of support provided by the Partner.

Each SiPSAP’s current and future Partner is unique and for this reason, we don’t have any name for this program. These respectable Partners provide different levels of support that may differ between clients they handle too, so the fee they earn from SiPSAP varies from partner to partner and assignment to assignment. Just as an example, one Partner firm in Canada recently earned a fee of US$20,000 from a single assignment, for a client that was engaged by that Partner itself, whereby the Partner had provided less than 10 manhours of on-ground support for the assignment. Currently we have over a dozen Partners around the world and there is a wide variety of support they typically provide, and we are not stopping to add more partners. SiPSAP provides a higher level of SAP Business One education and training to those Partners who (1) earn from SiPSAP, (2) who have the requisite education and experience, and (3) are eager and capable to upgrade their level of marketing, ERP design and implementation support. SiPSAP also provides low-cost expertise and other support to its Partners in their own areas of expertise, through own offices in developing countries where manhour costs are low. This support from SiPSAP to its partners also varies from partner to partner. SiPSAP does not wish to earn from these services, and provides them at cost to those Partners who earn from SiPSAP.

How Does It Work

There are 3 easy steps to becoming a partner.

The firm or individual sends an informal request to SiPSAP ( for becoming a partner. More information is gathered from the applicant about the latter’s expertise

SiPSAP evaluates the applicant about the latter’s level of services that can be utilized by SiPSAP. Non-Disclosure and Partnership Agreements are signed between the Partner (applicant) and SiPSAP.

Third Circle and Step 3: SiPSAP and the Partner finalize the way forward about how the Partner will proceed for each assignment and the level of SiPSAP’s support to the Partner to start earning.

The Partner commences its journey to enjoy the fruit of the partnership and grow its business.

Who Can Become a Partner

Our prime focus is on the following businesses around the world:

  • Digital Transformation Services consultants
  • Accounting & Tax Professionals & Consultants
  • Business Consulting professionals and firms
  • Software products and services provider professionals and firms
  • Digital contents creators; website makers, artwork designers and designists, Mobile App developers, etc.
  • Experienced Business Development professionals

Our SAP Business One ERP solutions are expressly customized to meet the requirements and challenges of every client that chooses us as their partner, and for us, failure just doesn’t feed the cat.