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Jaunt Solutions

Global Partner Program

What Is It About?

Jaunt Solutions Global Partner Program is about developing and maintaining Jaunt Solutions’s international growth partners, toward shared goals. Jaunt Solutions Global Partner Program is a win-cube program; win-win-win for Clients, Partners & Jaunt Solutions; where Partners and Jaunt Solutions collaborate to develop the best solutions for the clients.
Jaunt Solutions has a growing list of partners around the world; comprising IT, financial and business consultants. There is no fee or any other kind of charges to become a Jaunt Solutions Partner.

Partner Assortment

Each partner in Jaunt Solutions Global Partner Program is unique and has a distinctive relationship with each one of them. One size fits only one. Each client presents a unique challenge too, in terms of working with each partner.
The single thread so far seen running in the entire Global Partner Program is SAP Business One ERP, but it is only a matter of time when this commonality may will also dissipate.

Who Can Become Our Partner

Our prime focus is on the following businesses around the world to join our Partner Program:

  • Digital Transformation Services consultants
  • Accounting & Tax Professionals & Consultants
  • Business Consulting professionals and firms
  • Software products and services provider professionals and firms
  • Digital contents creators; website makers, artwork designers, Mobile App developers, etc.
  • Experienced Business Development professionals

Our SAP Business One ERP solutions are expressly customized to meet the requirements and challenges of every business that chooses us as their partner, and for us, failure just doesn’t feed the cat.

How to Become Our Partner

There are 3 easy steps to become a partner:

The firm or individual sends an informal request to Jaunt Solutions
( for becoming a partner. More information is gathered from the applicant about the latter’s expertise.

Jaunt Solutions evaluates the applicant about the latter’s level of services that can be utilized by Jaunt Solutions. Non-Disclosure and Partnership Agreements are signed before further information is shared and discussions held.

If Jaunt Solutions finds the partnership worth its while, final discussions take place about the collaborative way forward, and the Partnership Agreement is signed.

The Partner commences its journey to enjoy the fruit of the partnership and grow its business.