Customers & Suppliers

TransXpert is the focal point of your relationship management strategy with its integrated modules that unifiy everything from contact management to communication logs for a holistic and transparent experience when working with different customers and suppliers.


Simplified and accurate relationship management methodology

Commitment to service is only as good as the experience you provide your customers. TransXpert streamlines the communication process, enhancing your outreach and delivering results on time and in-line with client expectations


Supplies are a specialty and an exact science. Working in a competitive marketplace, it is in an organization’s best financial interest to maintain relationships with multiple vendors, often for similar products.

Systematic communication, improved response

Log exchanges between your team and your customers or suppliers while staying abreast of the requirements and the commitments made from your organization.


Create detailed profiles for your leads or start with their basic information. This module allows you to complete your client’s profile as the lead matures.



Detailed, timestamped communication log that provides a fusion of communication that has taken place across all channels, allowing you to review statuses within seconds.


General Ledger

Ledger entries for the income and expenses, sorted by title and type.

"The only way you will ever permanently take control of your financial life is to dig deep and fix the root problem."

 – Suze Orman

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