We’ve Got You Covered.

TransXpert Intelligent Enterprise Management adapts to your business policy and workflow with automated precision, empowering you to take the guesswork out of your day to day transactions.

Our Services

An ERP Solution designed from the ground-up using years of cumulative practical experience.

Finance and Taxation

Integration and monitoring of all internal and external cash flows from general ledger to account integration. Monitor cash flow in real time guaranteeing the efficient utilization of funds.

HR and Payroll

Attendance monitoring, employee profiling, compensation management, KPI, appraisals, promotions and automated payroll generation.

Sales and Procurement

Simplified lead generation, acquisition of goods and services, monitoring and improving your sales efforts with systematic administrative and financial integration.

Customers And Suppliers

Deliver on commitments, enhance rapport with your clients and suppliers.

Tickets, Tasks and Forms

Comprehensive task creation and assignment mechanism that guarantees transparency and compliance to timelines.

Alerts and Notifications

Customized event alerts and email integration regarding employee absence, stock depletion, item expiry, taxation change and price updates.

Assets and inventory

Systematic record of all property articles and contents of stock..