Human Resources and Payroll

The most comprehensive and easy to manage HR Payroll suite.

One organization, infinite employee profiles

Our revolutionary system puts you in charge of your finances by giving you the insight to the absolute current state of accounts, enabling you to make rapid and rational decisions that favor your business.


Consolidated HR management

TransXpert offers a full-cycle managerial environment for your organization’s growing HR needs. The HR management toolbox allows precise and flexible control and insight into assignments, availability, policy and payroll.

Employee Profile

Simplified employee profile creation, modification, contact, policy, reporting and compensation management portal.


Live updating attendance viewing and management module with state-of-the-art biometric ready interface.


create accurate payroll including taxes, EOBI, PF, leave deductions and exemptions – all within seconds, guaranteeing timely payroll processing while preventing inflated pay-outs.

Shift Policies

Create dynamic shift policies that are applicable to employees collectively or individually. Configure their working hours, days, vacation allocations and availability. Create company wide, departmental or individual work sessions.

Leave Ledger

Comprehensive accounting of employee paid vs. unpaid leaves with calendar sorting and filtering options.

Leave Accrual Policies

Create multiple leave accrual policies with the flexibility of application to an individual, to a group or department.

Performance Review Policies

Schedule performance review milestones that can adapted to the needs of your company’s task assignment routine.


Create dynamic appraisal policies based on targets, attendance, KPI, managerial and peer reviews.


Formulate pools of specialists for your intra-organization communication and resolution of functional and ad-hoc tasks that are necessary for your business.

Organization Tree

Bird’s eye view of the hierarchy and reporting sequence of the organization.

"Sustainable development requires human ingenuity. People are the most important resource."

– Dan Shechtman

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