Sales & Procurement

An effective sales & procurement strategy is only as good as its management.

Introducing the Integrated Sales Funnel

The TransXpert digital sales funnel allows you to visualize the effectiveness of your sales activity with ongoing interactions taking place between your team and the customers. With this and other visual tools in your inventory, your business is better equipped to strategize your sales endeavors.


Transparent procurement processing

The TransXpert Purchase module manages, simplifies and modernizes all stages of the procurement cycle with paperless processing including digital approvals of the stakeholders.

Sales and procurement management made easy

The TransXpert sales and procurement modules integrate the following features for a robust, flexible and seamless supervisory scheme.

Sales Inquiries

A detailed record of all sales enquiries received by your company, organized to ease analysis and response.


Sales Quotation

Automated quotation creation with intelligent data input facility that allows you to create error free, indexed quotations in the least time.


Sales Invoices

Rapid creation of invoices that connect automatically with quotation and finance modules.


Sales Receipts

Manage all your receipts, automatically referenced against a transaction and system wide reflection.

Delivery Notes

Swift and error free creation of delivery notes against a supply of goods or merchandize.

Purchase Request

Create a formal requirement notification of a new item or one that is a recurring requirement.

Purchase Quotations

Obtain quotations from vendors digitally or store digital copies for further processing.

Purchase Invoices

Store and process invoices, raise objections, receive corrections and obtain approvals for payments.


Integrated with the Finance module, the Payment module manages payments, pending amounts as well as appropriate taxation applicable to the purchase.


Receipt Notes

Swift and error free entries of delivery notes against a supply of goods or merchandize.

“There is no prize in sales for second place. It's win or nothing. The masters know this and strive for - they fight for - that winning edge.”

– Jeffrey Gitomer

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