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Jaunt Solutions creates secure and simplified business automation solutions.
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Business Process Automation (BPA)

We use technology to automate workflows to the point where human intervention is rarely necessary. Our cost effective, intuitive products can help your business achieve greater flexibility and business agility at scale. We offer fully customizable solutions to whatever business need you have. BPA is no longer an option if you want to maintain your competitive advantage; it is an essential component to a business’ success.

Trademarked Process & Workflow

Jaunt Solutions prides itself in industry compliant workflow management and enhancement tools that allow businesses to add value to their operations instantly.


Existing system investigation, gap analysis, cybersecurity and cloud readiness survey, requirement specification


Develop working prototypes that rectify the issues raised in the initial surveys.


Locate dependencies, obstructions, loopholes and devise strategies for system compliance, security and deployment.


Future proof, certification compliant and automated system implementation for friction free adoption and integration into existing environment.

Data Warehousing

Our highly trained specialists use cutting edge tools, techniques, and methodologies to provide macro-level insight that will help you make better business decisions than your competitors. We help you identify new opportunities that you otherwise would never have discovered.

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Jaunt Solutions helps you increase productivity, improve quality, and deliver process efficiencies that result in measurable success.

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