Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and MRP for Material Resource Planning. MRP systems preceded ERP. The former can be called an ERP that is limited in its scope to cover the processes from purchase of materials to different stages of production to finished goods. ERP of today is much bigger in scope and is not supposed to leave out any aspect of any business.

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ERP is not an end but a means to the end and the end is that the businesses must perform in the manner desired by the management.  A good ERP enables all departments of the business to work in coordination with each other, rather than one department maximizing its performance while speedbumping the others.  Specially when a business is growing, the interdepartmental synchronization becomes ever more important, and it is the ERP that makes this coordination and synchronization happen, without any friction.

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A good ERP is a good investment because it brings many noticeable and other benefits to the businesses, even though some managers either fail to exploit the ERP capabilities or see how the ERP is helping in critical decision making. For example, a good ERP can help the managers determine which department is adversely impacting the production capacities, which department is lagging most in its budgets and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), or which department is going too fast for the supporting departments or too slow for the proceeding departments, and so on.

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If chosen wisely, ERP is often affordable if seen in the context of how useful it is going to be for the business.  On the other hand, an unwise decision might lead the management to buy an ERP that is either too complex, or is meant for certain other specific types of businesses, or is just too expensive for what it can really do.  Sometimes, a good ERP becomes too costly for its benefits, if it is designed and implemented poorly.  A highly flexible, scalable and powerful ERP, like SAP Business One, is fairly affordable; and if it designed and implemented for a client by a company like Jaunt Solutions
, it is a great investment.

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A good ERP, like SAP Business One that is globally top selling, is way more powerful than even a high quality Accounting software, because the ERP covers all aspects of a business and not just Accounting.  Even the best Accounting software is meant to keep the Accountants busy in posting entries, but a good ERP will automatically post accurate accounting entries and the job of the accountant is merely “upgraded” to authorize the accounting transactions before these are posted by the system in the books of Accounts.

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There are different views about it, but many would agree that ERP should be chosen for its global popularity and growth in terms of clients, the availability of experts around the market, and plenty of good independent opinions available in expert blogs on the web, etc.

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The brand SAP Business One is produced and kept regularly upgraded for its clients, by the well known German giant SAP SE.  This ERP is specifically meant for small to medium size businesses, which are in high growth mode.  It is highly flexible, scalable, and powerful.  SAP Business One consultants are abundantly available all over the world. To know how Jaunt Solutions makes its design and implementation affordable for the clients, and how we can get your cost of acquisition stretched to maximum benefits, please contact us. Please click here for the video (https://youtu.be/As4uDKSFw_I)

SAP Business One has a strong appeal to small businesses because of its affordability and its inherently designed ability to help small businesses grow vertically, horizontally and geographically.  It puts the entrepreneur in good control of the many aspects of business, facilitating real time decisions to identify and rectify operating snags well in time.

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A scalable ERP facilitates fast business growth without adding much to the cost of the system.   SAP Business One takes this scalability aspect to another level.  From a single facility offering one or few products or services to having multiple facilities offering thousands of products and services, the same ERP can be enhanced with small costs to manage the sprawling giant.

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SAP Business One has a strong appeal for small businesses because of its remarkable affordability.  Affordable solutions are generally limited in their capabilities, but SAP Business One can be significantly enhanced, again at affordable costs, when the small business is expanding.  As a matter of fact, SAP Business One can and will make the small business owner expand, because the small business owner realizes that he or she has more time to think expansion – without any growing pains.

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Not at all.  Before we design and implement SAP Business One at your business, we will explain how our design will keep the maintenance cost low, even when your business is growing fast.  We will train your staff and always be there with our expertise for you to remove any kind of new requirements or fix the errors.

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There are two components of setting up costs, licensing costs (charged by SAP SE) depending on the number of users, and our design and implementation costs.  SAP Business One is intentionally designed to facilitate cost optimization and Jaunt Solutions
knows the art of minimizing the number of users, yet covering all aspects of your business.

The client can opt for paying per annum license maintenance costs (17% of the initial user license cost) that has certain advantages.  We help our clients keep these annual costs minimized.

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SAP Business One ERP is so designed that a smart vendor company like Jaunt Solutions can minimize the initial user license and per annum license maintenance costs for small businesses.  This aspect is intentionally designed for this ERP.

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