SAP Business One


A product of globally known Germany based multinational company, SAP SE, SAP Business One is the planet earth’s top selling ERP, with over 90,000 companies worldwide using it to leverage their profitable growth. Because it is splendidly customizable, incredibly scalable and remarkably affordable.


Due to the abundance of existing clients and the growing list of prospects, there is no dearth of SAP Business One certified consultants around the world.


The SAP Business One ERP manages the entire business full 360 degrees, no matter how complex it is – from accounting and finance, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, sales and customer relationships, and project management, to operations and human resources.

Revolutionize Your business.

Streamlined Business Processes, Rapid Deployment, Tailored Solutions, Real-time Insights, Mobile Accessibility, Scalability, Enhanced Collaboration, Integrated Financial Management, Robust Inventory Management, Seamless Third-Party Integrations, Compliance and Security, Expert Training and Support, Cost-Effective Solutions, Future-Proof Technology, Upgrades & Enhancements, 24/7 Expert Assistance, Data Security & Backups
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Cloud Services

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Data Analysis

SAP Business One Custom Dashboard: Unleashing Data-Driven Insights
Transform your business operations with a tailor-made SAP Business One Custom Dashboard. Gain real-time insights, enhance decision-making, and achieve unparalleled efficiency.

Key Features:


Personalized Data Visualization, Real-Time Updates, Interactive & User-Friendly, Data Integration & Centralization, Mobile Accessibility, Customizable Widgets, Automated Reports & Alerts, Secure Data Handling.



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Streamlined SAP Business one Integration, Expand Your Reach, Multi-Channel Selling, Real-Time Data Syncing, Social Media Marketing Integration, Automated Order Management, Customer Insights and Analytics, Enhanced Customer Experience, Shoppable Social Media Content, Real-Time Updates and Notifications, Personalized Marketing Campaigns, Social Proof and User-Generated Content, Comprehensive Customer Support, Boost Efficiency and Productivity.

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SAP Business one customization services cover : Personalized Functionality, Smooth Integration, Enhanced User Experience, Streamlined Process Automation, Actionable Insights with Custom Reports, Industry-Specific Solutions, Scalable and Adaptable, Efficient Data Management, Seamless Third-Party Integrations, Personalized Dashboards for Insights, Mobile Accessibility for On-the-Go Control, Prioritize Compliance and Security, Expert Consultation for Tailored Solutions, Comprehensive Training and Support, Cost-Effective Solutions for High ROI.

Core Business Areas

Following are the major core areas covered by SAP Business One and its flexible interface that allows Jaunt Solutions to develop customized solution plug-in, including web applications, for the clients:

Accounting & Finance

All Accounting entries are linked (through appropriate approvals) with business decisions through other core areas, together with banking & reconciliation, petty cash management, etc. for preparing financial statements and customizable management reports.

Sales & Customer Management

From lead generation to deal closing, marketing campaign execution & management, customer management, service management, to reporting and analysis. Invaluable periodic and real time information that can be stored and retrieved through computers, laptops and mobile devices.

Consulting Services

The company provides consulting services to clients to help them optimize their business processes using SAP and ERP software. This involves advising clients on best practices, system architecture, configuration, and implementation strategies.

Implementation Services

Implementing SAP and ERP solutions is a complex process that requires expertise. The company offers implementation services to help clients deploy these systems effectively within their organizations. This includes installation, configuration, data migration, and training.

Integration Solutions

Many businesses use multiple software systems to manage different aspects of their operations. The software company provides integration solutions to seamlessly connect SAP and ERP systems with other software applications, such as CRM, HRM, or supply chain management systems.

Support and Maintenance

Continuous support and maintenance are essential for ensuring the smooth operation of SAP and ERP systems. The company offers support services to troubleshoot issues, provide updates, and ensure that the software remains up-to-date and compatible with evolving business needs.

Business Development

Business development efforts focus on identifying and pursuing new opportunities for growth and expansion. This includes market analysis, identifying potential clients, building partnerships, and developing strategies to increase the company's market share in the SAP and ERP software industry.

Research and Development

To stay competitive in the rapidly evolving technology landscape, the company invests in research and development to innovate and improve its SAP and ERP solutions. This involves exploring new technologies, improving existing features, and addressing emerging challenges in the industry.

Customization Services

Every organization has unique requirements and workflows. The company offers customization services to tailor SAP and ERP software to meet the specific needs of clients. This involves developing custom modules, reports, and interfaces, as well as configuring the software to align with the client's business processes.

Training and Education

The company provides training and educational resources to clients and their employees to ensure they have the necessary skills to effectively use SAP and ERP systems. This may include on-site training sessions, online courses, and documentation.

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Jaunt Solutions SAP Business One Implementation Methodology

SAP Business One design and implementation by Jaunt Solutions stringently follows SAP SE’s guidelines, called Accelerated SAP Methodology. Under this methodology, the ERP design and implementation is carried out in the most efficient manner possible, effectively optimizing time, people, quality and other resources, using a proven methodology for implementation.

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How SAP Business ERP Differs From An
Accounting Software

A good accounting system, and there are many being offered where some are more popular worldwide than others, is limited in its functionality. The top limitation is that it is disconnected to other functions in the business, like production, warehousing of raw materials and finished goods, sales and marketing, etc. This results in all forms being submitted to the Accounts department that makes all the accounting entries.

One way to look at the ERP is that it is exactly the reverse of the Accounting software. In an ERP, there is hardly any need to make any accounting entry by the Accounting department, and it is all the other departments (production, raw material and finished goods warehouse, sales and marketing, procurement, etc.) whose managers make decisions on computers, laptops, hand held devices, etc.; and the Accounting entries are automatically posted, after due approval from the Chief Accountant.

Another way to look at the ERP is that it automates the highlighting specific problems in the entire company, and enables the relevant manager to get it corrected. The CEO sees it all on his or her own laptop or handheld device. The accounting software is very limited in this area.

Yet another area to look at the ERP is that it enables the company or the business to grow fast, without adding to the complexity of the management system. Accounting software is not meant to do that.

And if the CEO or the business owner decides to have an ERP installed, the best decision he or she will make is talk to us.